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Library Student Assistant Guide

This guide is for the Library Student Assistants

Telephone Etiquette

  • Pick up the phone and say "Delta College Library Reference Desk, this is ("your name").
  • Listen to the caller's question or request
  • Answer the question, ask a librarian for help, or transfer the call
  • TRANSFER: To transfer a call:
    • Tell the caller you are placing them on hold to look up the number to transfer them to
    • Look up the extension number you want to transfer the caller to
    • Thank the caller for holding
    • Tell the caller: "I am transferring you to (department). Their number is XXXX. If you get disconnected, you can call them back at XXX-XXXX."
    • With the caller still on the line, hit the button marked "Trans".  This will place the call on hold. 
    • Enter the extension number and then press the "B Trans​" button.
    • Hang up the phone and the call is transferred
  • HOLDIf you wish to place a person on hold, use the following:
    • Tell the caller you are putting them on hold
    • Press the hold button
    • Hang up the phone
    • Pick up the phone and push the Line 1 button to disconnect the hold
  • If you cannot locate a librarian to help you, take a detailed message, including the caller's name,  and ask them how they prefer to be contacted. Get their contact information and tell them a librarian will get back to them as soon as possible.

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