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English 111 and 112 - Amee Schmidt

Part 1: Places to Get Information

1. Basic or background information: For background information in dictionaries, encyclopedias, and books, try the Delta College Library catalog for books and/or eBooks.

2. Controversial issues: For pro/con topics and articles, try databases with articles and information on controversial issues. They are:

3. News articles: Find news articles fully accessible without paywalls in Delta College news databases. Use the CRAAP model to evaluate if an article is credible and a good fit for your topic.

4. Research articles: For recent, peer-reviewed research, look for scholarly articles in academic journals in the Gale and EBSCO databases through Delta College Library.

Part 1: Introduction to Information Needs, Resources, Location, and Quality

Part 2: Research Workshop

Part 2: Sample Search

Searching in library databases is unlike searching in search engines like Google.


When you search, try different combinations of words to find your topic. For example, if you picked the movie Guardians of the Galaxy to write about, it can be tricky to find articles specifically about that movie (and the same goes for any other movie you might choose). The following searches for sources for a paper on violence in Guardians of the Galaxy were either unsuccessful or successful:


  1. Unsuccessful: Search “Violence” AND “Guardians of the Galaxy”
  2. Unsuccessful: Search “Violence” AND “movies”
  3. Success! Search “Violence” AND “Superheroes”

Remember: 1 idea per search box. Use 2 search boxes in advanced search (not 3). Research your topic more broadly

than your specific movie.

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