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Library Student Assistant Guide

This guide is for the Library Student Assistants

Be Prepared To Work

  • Do NOT expect to have study time while you are at work.
  • Library work must always be done before studying. 
  • There are jobs assigned on the Hourly Jobs List.
  • If there is no apparent project and all of your assigned tasks are done, ask the librarians if they have projects for you. 
  • Special projects may be assigned by librarians from time to time.  Please take these tasks seriously and do them well.


  • Tell someone when you are leaving the desk.
  • If you are the only one at the desk, and your shift is about to end, call the librarians office and tell them so that someone else can staff the desk after you leave. 
  • If something isn’t working well or there is a problem, talk to the librarians so we can try to fix it or help you.
  • If you need to leave a note for a member of the library staff, be sure to include date, time, your name, and any other information such as patrons or others who need to be contacted. It is vital that notes are detailed in case questions arise.
  • Learn how to answer the phone and transfer calls. This guide includes information on telephone etiquette.

Maintain Confidentiality

Student records, including library borrowing records, are strictly protected by state and federal privacy laws.

  • Protecting the rights of library users to view and read materials without fear of intrusion, intimidation or reprisal is a core value for all librarians. To safeguard the privacy of individuals using the library, we maintain the confidentiality of library records.
  • Circulation records include all information that identifies a faculty or staff member, student, alumnus, or special borrower as borrowing or accessing particular materials or information. Included in these records are; Web browsing histories and reserve materials.

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