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Library Student Assistant Guide

This guide is for the Library Student Assistants

Reference Desk Policies and Procedures

  • Assigned Tasks. Any librarian or the library manager may assign you tasks. You are expected to complete tasks in a timely manner. You are also expected to display initiative and complete routine tasks from the Hourly Jobs List without being asked to do so.
  • Attitude. Come to work with a “service first” attitude; you are expected to be kind, helpful, and maintain a positive demeanor with both patrons and co-workers.
  • Backpacks/Bags/Purses. Backpacks, bags, purses and other personal belongings are not to be stored at the reference desk. Lockers are available in the breakroom. 
  • Cell Phones. Please leave your cell phones in your locker, with your personal belongings, or in your pocket if you need to carry it with you. If you need to check your phone for messages or need to call people, please do it on your 15-minute break or 30-minute lunch. Please keep your phone out of the view of patrons. Do not use your cell phone behind the desk.
  • Cleaning supplies. Cleaner and rags are located in the reference desk cabinets on the right-hand side below the phone.
  • Computer use. The computers at the reference desk are there so you can help patrons locate information and so you can practice you research skills. No playing games or watching movies or videos.
  • Down Time. During downtime, when you are not answering questions, you are expected to familiarize yourself with library resources and guides, and perform routine tasks within the department using the Hourly Jobs List.
  • Email. Please check your email regularly. The librarians use email as the primary way to get messages to all reference student workers.
  • Food and Drink. Beverages with covered lids or bottles are okay at the reference desk. Please eat snacks and meals in the breakroom or a location away from the reference desk.
  • Headphones/earbuds. Headphones or earbuds cannot be used to listen to music or watch videos at the reference desk.
  • Homework.  Homework is a privilege.  You are only permitted to do homework if there is no other work or projects for you to do.  You must ask the librarians if there is anything you can help with before you begin your homework.  If there is work to be done while you are doing homework, you are expected to put your homework away.  Please DO NOT take quizzes or tests at the reference desk.  If there are issues with students doing homework instead of working, we will discontinue the homework privilege. 
  • Internet.  Internet access is not prohibited but if a pattern develops that you are so engrossed in the Internet that you are not aware of students around you needing assistance, this policy may change. No playing games or watching movies or videos.
  • Laptops/tablets. The use of personal laptops, tablets, or ipads is prohibited at the reference desk.
  • Lockers. Backpacks, bags, purses and other personal belongings are not to be stored at the reference desk. Lockers are available in the breakroom. Backpacks can also be stored in Michele's office.
  • Name Tags.  Name tags are to be worn when working.  Please leave your name tag in designated drawer at the reference desk.
  • Referrals. It is important to determine if you can help someone and when to refer patron to a librarian. Don't waste the patrons time by guessing at answers or search strategies if you are unsure. Call a librarian for help.
  • Telephone.  LLIC telephones are for business use only.  All personal calls, both incoming and outgoing, are prohibited unless approved by a librarian. If something urgent comes up, your family can contact you at the reference desk.
  • Visiting with Friends.  Do not visit with friends during work hours for more than a few minutes.  The librarian on duty will ask you to stop visiting with friends if it becomes excessive (more than a few minutes).
  • Service Areas.  The Reference Desk is to be staffed at all times.  Do not leave these areas before your replacement arrives or unless a librarian is at the desk with you. Call the librarians if you need to leave and no staff is at the reference desk.
  • Statistics. You will be required to keep track of your interaction with patrons at the reference desk. As you answer each question, make sure it is recorded using the online statistics form.

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