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Library Student Assistant Guide

This guide is for the Library Student Assistants

Personnel Policies and Procedures

  • Attendance.  It is your responsibility to adhere to your work schedule and show up on time and prepared to work. You must contact the librarians as soon as possible and before the start of your shift when you are going to be absent or late. Email the librarians at no later than one (1) hour after your scheduled starting time. 
  • Breaks and Lunch.  ONE paid 15-minute break is allowed for four (4) continuous hours of work. One 30-minute unpaid lunch/dinner break is required for seven or more continuous hours of work. This 30-minute lunch/dinner break is unpaid and you MUST punch out and in at the time clock. Eating is allowed only in designated areas.  Notify the librarian on desk duty when leaving for lunch or break.
  • Calling In. If you are not able to come in for your shift, email the librarians at  Do not leave a message with another student worker.
  • Dress Code.  No hats, short-shorts, gym shorts, ripped or torn clothing, midriffs, halters, or spaghetti strap attire are allowed while working.  Supervisors will ask student assistants to remove hats or go home to change clothing.
  • Email. Please check your email regularly. The librarians use email as the primary way of getting messages to all students.
  • Evaluation. The Librarians will meet with you at the end of October for a brief evaluation on your job performance. This will also be an opportunity for you to provide feedback.   
  • Paycheck Information.  Paychecks will be available every other Friday at the cashier’s office with proper I.D. We have two week pay periods starting on Saturday and ending on Friday.  Direct deposit is available.
  • Time Clock.  It is your responsibility to punch in and out for your shift and lunch. If you make a mistake with your punches, please see  Michele Pratt or Linda Krukowski as soon as possible. Your pay can be impacted by incorrect recording of your time.
  • Termination.  You may be immediately dismissed for any of the following reasons:
  1. Refusal to do assigned tasks.
  2. Unauthorized use of LLIC materials, facilities, supplies or computers.
  3. Improper reporting of hours on the time clock.
  4. Punching another student assistant’s time card.
  5. Reporting to work under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.

  •  Warnings.  You will be issued a verbal and /or written warning for frequent unexcused tardiness or absenteeism, poor job performance, or poor attitude. Student employment is maintained on a semester by semester basis. Failure to improve will result in not returning to work at the library for additional semesters.

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