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History 111/112

This guide should help students in History 111 and History 112 find the resources needed for annotated bibliographies and research papers.

Welcome to the History 111 and 112 Research Guide!

This Research Guide should help students in HIS 111 or HIS 112 classes use library resources to find books and articles needed to complete class research assignments.

Image of ancient tapestry

Using Keywords

It is important to pull out the KEYWORDS of your topic to search the Library databases. Think about all of the different terms you can use for a subject (medieval, middle ages, etc.). Remember you can perform exact phrase searches by using quotes around your phrases. You can also narrow down results by doing a SUBJECT or TITLE search.

Topic Question Keywords
What were the causes of the French Revolution? French Revolution
To what extent did Napoleon promote Enlightenment Ideas? Napoleon AND Englightenment
What impact did World War 2 have on civilians?

World War 2 (World War, 1939-1945) AND


Why did France win the Hundred Years War? France AND Hundred Years War
What role(s) did medieval peasants play within the feudal system? medieval peasants AND feudal system

Here is an example of how you might enter search terms in the EBSCO search interface.

Academic Search Complete search example screenshot

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