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SOC 211W


To locate articles on a topic, you can try searching in the ARTICLE DATABASES by combining the terms. For example, if your topic is  "homeless youth" and "challenges"
Here is an example search in the EBSCO databases:

Database Search Strategy

Databases are not as forgiving as Google! It is important to think about your search strategy prior to searching....

  1. Identify the keywords from your overall search topic.
  2. Think of synonyms you can use for your main concepts.
  3. Map out how you will enter your search terms into the databases, full sentences generally don't work.
  4. Use universal tools to help form your search: 
    • "quotation marks" will help with phrase searching
    • * (asterisks) can search for all different endings of a work (ex: child* will search for child or children
    • Use Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT) to combine or remove terms in your search. 
  5. Try words in Title or Subject searching by using the drop down menu next to the search boxes.

Here is an example of how you can enter search terms into EBSCO databases: 

Help with Generating and Using Keywords in the Databases

University of Louisville Libraries: Research Assistance & Instruction. “Generating Keywords.” YouTube uploaded by UofLRA&I, 17 March 2017 

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