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ValCat Tutorial: ValCat Tutorial

This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to use ValCat the online book catalog to find books within the Delta College Library as well as many libraries in the surrounding areas.

ValCat Online Book Catalog Tutorial

This ValCat tutorial will show you how to access ValCat the online catalog for finding books.

Step One: Click on the "Books and eBooks" button.

Go to the Portal   OR   the Direct Link.  takes you to the Portal where you can click on the “Library” text link.

The direct link to the Library website is:



Step Two: Search Box.

Please be aware that you are searching Delta College Library, ONLY.

You can type your keywords in the search box near the top of the web page. For this example, we are going to find books on the topic of health effects of caffeine. There are different keywords that we could use such as: caffeine, health, benefits, risks, and energy drinks. However, we will start out real simple and type just the word "caffeine."

The default search strategy is "general keyword." If you want to search by author, title, or some other strategy, then you can click on the down arrow next to "General Keyword" and select another way to search.

Click on the "Search" button and the computer will search for books with the word "caffeine" that Delta College Library owns.

Please be aware that you are searching Delta College Library ONLY.



Step Three:

ValCat found 54 books that have something to do with caffeine. Most teachers want the latest information, so with 54 books listed, it would be nice if the newest books were listed at the top of the list. This particular book has a publication date of 2001.

You need to click on the down arrow next to "Sort By:" in order to select an option that will allow you to sort "Publication Date (Newest First)."




Step Four: Sort by Newest First.

Once the window opens up then you can click on "Publication Date (Newest First)."



Step Five: Newest Books on Top.

You should see a new list with the items with the newest publication date on top of the list.

CLICK on the title of the book and you will be presented with more of a record for the book AND the all important CALL NUMBER.


Step Six:  The Citation and Summary.

This record gives you the citation material such at author, title, publisher, and more.

Scroll way down the page in order to see the call number. Books are shelved by call number.



Step Seven: The Call Number.

At the bottom of the record will be a call number. If local libraries have the same book then their own call number will be listed, also.

At Delta College Library, books are shelved by call numbers that are on the binding of the book.



If you have any questions then please call the Reference Desk at 686-9560.

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