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Boyd, Fenice B., et al. "Vocabulary Instruction In The Disciplines."

           Journal Of Adolescent & Adult Literacy 56.1 (2012): 18-20.

          ERIC. Web. 9 June 2015.

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This column explores how literacy practices similarly enacted across disciplines served as a platform for considering collaborative professional development contexts. With current educational policy, content area teachers are expected to include relevant literacy practices within their disciplinary instruction. Based on research across science and history classrooms, general vocabulary development was present during engagement with texts as a stepping-stone to disciplinary practices and embedded within disciplinary learning. Examples of how vocabulary practices were enacted show that similar pedagogical moves supported learning, suggesting that common ground exists across subject areas. This work led to insights about how vocabulary instruction, often bounded within language arts instruction can be enacted within disciplinary instruction. Authors argue learning contexts for content-area teachers should be collaborative and inclusive, with attention on integrated literacy to support disciplinary learning. Vocabulary development is one area universally important across all educational contexts and can form a unifying thread among teachers.


Gillis, Victoria. "Talking The Talk: Vocabulary Instruction Across

           The Disciplines (Or What To Do Instead)." Journal Of Adolescent &

           Adult Literacy 58.4 (2015): 281-287. ERIC. Web. 9 June 2015.

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"This article explores how research-based principles of vocabulary instruction, embedded in the learning cycle, may be enacted through a variety of strategies across the four core curricular disciplines. Examples of the strategies are provided, drawn from English, mathematics, social studies, and science."


Willingham, Donna, and Debra Price. "Theory to Practice: Vocabulary
          Instruction in Community College Developmental Education Reading
          Classes: What the Research Tells Us." Journal of College Reading
          and Learning
, 40.1 (2009): 91-105. Print.

"Community college developmental education students face numerous obstacles as they proceed through their years of higher education. One specific area of need is students' inadequate vocabularies. Advanced communication skills are an integral part of higher education, so students may be at an academic disadvantage if these skills are not well-developed. Developmental students' weak vocabularies compound the other challenges they face. The purpose of this article is to present theoretical frameworks and research perspectives concerning vocabulary instruction with developmental students in order to encourage educators to continue examining this area as a critical component of developmental instruction. Additionally, studies exploring successful strategies for vocabulary growth are presented for educators looking for ways to effectively integrate vocabulary instruction into college developmental reading classes."



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