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Help for locating disciplinary literacy resources.



The following list of articles are a result of searching EBSCO's ERIC and Education Full-Text as well as searching educational websites using Google, and searching Google Scholar. Some articles may be geared towards teaching in elementary education but it may be possible to adapt some ideas to the college level.

Here are some examples of the search strategies used to find the following articles:

disciplinary literacy literature, teaching reading strategies, teaching reading methods, teaching reading literature


Hurst, Beth, and Cathy J. Pearman. "Teach Reading?

     But I'm Not A Reading Teacher!." Critical Questions In Education 4.3

     (2013): 225-234. Education Full Text (H.W. Wilson). Web. 21 May 2015.

The article focuses on the structure use by the teachers to help their students improve the performance and the literacy skills. It states the structure based on the literature review involving the five components including the need for students to listen to others read aloud, to practice using reading techniques, and to develop a word consciousness. It mentions the importance of five components to improve the reading performance among students.

  • Full article is available in Education Full Text in EBSCO

Reilly, Mary Ann "Opening Spaces Of Possibility: The Teacher As Bricoleur."

     Journal Of Adolescent & Adult Literacy 52.5 (2009): 376-384.

     Education Full Text (H.W. Wilson). Web. 21 May 2015.

Abstract: The article discusses teaching techniques which utilize a philosophy of "bricolage," or the deliberate usage of eclectic materials and aids to further emphasize lessons through experience with multiple senses. Several examples of one teacher's work with this style are given, including the exploration of sound depiction in Salman Rushdie's book "Haroun and the Sea of Stories," the use of index cards to classify and compose poetry, and the utilization of photography for visualizing setting. Discussion is offered outlining the fundamental elements of this teaching style and highlighting its strengths.

  • Full article is available in Education Full Text in EBSCO

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