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         Congressional Research Service reports are the best way for anyone to quickly get up to speed on major political issues without  
         having to worry about spin — from the same source Congress uses.

         CRS is Congress’ think tank, and its reports are relied upon by academics, businesses, judges, policy advocates, students,    
         librarians, journalists, and policymakers for accurate and timely analysis of important policy issues. The reports are not
         classified  and do not contain individualized advice to any specific member of Congress.


This think tank works exclusively for members of Congress and Congressional Committees. This is the main page that has some of the CRS reports available. They are known for non-partisan reporting of issues, along with in-depth analysis. Reports are not distributed to the public. These reports, usually, are on "hot topics" in the news, or current events.

Another option is to seach for CRS Reports. There is a database called "Open CRS" that is searchable through Google. For example type the following search into Google: "information security" will bring up CRS Reports on the topic of Information Security.

University of North Texas Libraries provide this online archive of Congressional Research Service Reports from 1990 to today at Thousands of reports are available on a wide range of topics. Reports can be found by searching full text, title, author, subject, or report number. Reports can also be browsed by subject matter.


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