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Celebrities with Psychological Disorders Assignment LibGuide


Please remember to use a alternative terms when searching for medical information.

For example, for ADHD, you may have to type the full medical term such as: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Another example is OCD. You may have to type the entire medical term such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Tips for Finding Articles

 Here are some popular options to look for when searching magazine/journal databases:

  • When it comes to finding articles in psychology, you may want to start with CINAHL, EBSCO's Social Sciences Index, or PubMed. InfoTrac can be used to find articles from "popular" magazines.
  • Most databases have options (filters) to use when selecting information.
  • Often there is a "full-text" box to check in order to make the database retrieve articles that are the entire article (not just the citation). Please remember that most databases do not contain ALL full-text articles.
  • Many scholarly databases will offer an option in order to select "peer-reviewed" journal articles.
  • Databases have a tendency to list the most recent articles at the top. This is called reverse chronological order. If this does not happen, look for an option in order to choose articles according to publication date.

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