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Delta College Archives: Delta College Archives Record Groups

Welcome to the Delta College Archives Resource Pages

Record Groups

Origins Record Group (Accession 1)

Bay City Junior College Record Group (Accession 15)

Continuing Developments Record Group (Accession 2)

President’s Office Record Group (Accession 34)

Board of Trustees Record Group (Accession 33)

Senate Record Group (Accession 16)

Instruction and Learning Services Record Group (Accession 4)

  1. Academic Divisions
    1. Business and Information Technology Division
    2. English Division
    3. Foreign Languages/Sign Languages
    4. Health and Wellness Division
    5. Humanities Division
      1. Art and Design
      2. Electronic Media Broadcasting
      3. Foreign Languages
      4. Music
      5. Philosophy
    6. Interdisciplinary Program
    7. Mathematics and Computer Science
    8. Sciences Division
    9. Social Science Division
      1. Child Development
      2. Criminal Justice
      3. Global Peace Studies
      4. History
      5. Political Science
      6. Psychology
      7. Sociology
    10. Technical Trade Manufacturing Division
  2. Broadcasting Series (Accession 19)
  3. Career Education and Learning Partnerships Series
  4. eLearning and Audio/Visual Series
  5. Library Learning Information Center Series (Accession 9)
  6. Off-Campus Centers Series (Accession 12)
  7. Rift Valley Sister College Partnership Series (Accession 36)

Student and Educational Services Record Group

  1. Enrollment (admissions and recruitment, financial aid, registrar, retention)
  2. Students (Athletics [Accession 30], Student and Civic engagement, Clubs, Community Outreach, office of diversity and inclusion)
  3. Collegiate
  4. Public Safety (public safety, police academy)
  5. Counseling/Advising
  6. Bridge Program
  7. Disability Resources

Institutional Advancement Record Group

  1. Scholarships and Special Events
  2. Foundations and Annual Campaign (Accession 21)
  3. Marketing and Public Information (Accession 31)
  4. Major Gifts

Business and Finance Record Group (Accession 3)

  1. Controller (payroll, student finance, cashier’s office)
  2. Facilities Management (planning and management, sustainability, operation and maintenance)
  3. Business Services (Accession 10) and OIT Series [Accession 22] (purchasing, auxiliary operations)
  4. Human Resources (Compensation and Administration, Recruitment and Employment, Benefits) [Accession 14]

Corporate Services Record Group

  1. Corporate Services Finance
  2. Corporate Services Operations
  3. Corporate Services New Business Development
  4. Lifelong Learning

General Counsel Record Group

Institutional Effectiveness (Strategic Planning) Record Group

  1. Center for Organizational Success
  2. Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence
  3. Instructional Support
  4. Institutional Research (Accession 20)

Photographs Collection

Publications Collection

Faculty, Staff and Alumni Manuscripts

Audiovisual Collection

Ephemera Collection

Posters Collection

3D Material Collection

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